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Public Notary Files of St. Wendel County, St. Wendel, Germany


In Germany the public notary has much more tasks than in the United States. He?s not just a witness but much more a negotiator, at least the neutral person between two parties who want to make a contract. There are several contracts which need to be made through a public notary like selling or purchasing property. In our area (Saar Region) public notary system was re-newed by Napoleon?s laws around 1800. The notaries were responsible to their clients as well as to the government, thus their files are kept and given to their successors and finally to our national archives (Landesarchiv). There they are stored and wait for everyone interested in them.


You can find a lot of interesting material in this files. Sells and purchases, last wills, mortgages. People sold their property to get money to emigrate. People wanted to avoid problems for their descendants after their death. What you like.


19th Century Public Notary Files were handwritten which may be a problem in studying them. Handwriting of the notary may be great, most of it is poor. Very hard to read.


I?ve been studying the files of St. Wendel?s notaries of 19th and early 20th century for 15 years now and got together a huge collection of data. In case you ancestors came from this part of Germany, I may have the contract when they sold their house and property to get money to emigrate to the States.


These are the names I found in the files of public notary Hen from St. Wendel just in 1845.


Wendel Alsfasser; Caspar Altmeyer; Jakob Altmeyer; Hubert Andelot; Johann Angel; Margarethe Back; Maria Backes; Angela Bick; Johann Bick; Franz Bollinger; Elisabeth Born; Johann Born; Peter Born; Barbara Brehm; Mathias Breyer; Anna Maria Britz; Catharina Brücher; Daniel Brücher; Jakob Brücher; Nikolaus Brück; Georg Caye; Carl Cetto; Nikolaus Cetto; Jakob Coblentz; Magdalena  Collet; Friedrich Dahn; Wendel Demuth; Wendel Demuth; Elisabeth Deutscher; Michel Diehl; Johann Doerr; Anna Maria Dörr; Josef Dreger; Juliana Ebersold; Elisabeth Egler; Jakob Egler; Anna Maria Engel; Jakob Engel; Wendel Enkrich; Barbara Federkeil; Johann Fehr; Wenzeslaus Fehr; Barbara Finkler; Jakob Franz; Peter Gard; Mathias Gillen; Johannes Gräber; Michel Gräber; Anna Maria Gregorius; Elisabeth Gregorius; Johann Gregorius; Barbara Harth; Jakob Hartmann; Elisabeth Haßdenteufel; Philipp Hassdenteufel; Franz Heinrich; August Heinz; Anna Held; Conrad Holstein; Michel Huschar; Johannetta Jakob; Peter Jakob; Wendel Jakob; Wendel Jakob; Peter Jochem; Josef Jochen; Catharina Jochum; Johann Josef; Johann Kaisling; Josef Kaisling; Michel Kaisling; Peter Kaisling; Philipp Kaisling; Wilhelmina Kaisling; Wilhelm Josef Kiefer; Maria Kirch; Anton Kirsch; Peter Koenig; Catharina Kraemer; Johann Krämer; Michel Langendörfer; Anna Maria Lauterborn; Philippina Lehweth; Jakob Lerner; Johann Loch; Wendel Malter; Ludwig Martin; Johann Marx; Johann Meyer; Anna Maria Michels; Raßweiler Mühle; Barbara Müller; Catharina Müller; Michel Munkes; Jakob Öhl; Anna Maria Ohlmann; Heinrich Ost; Johann Ost; Joseph Pack; Nikolaus Pack; Catharina Paul; Jakob Paul; Johann Paul; Luisa Paul; Marianna Paul; Peter Paul; Nikolaus Petry; Catharina Rausch; Johann Riefer; Anna Maria Riotte; Balthasar Riotte; Barbara Riotte; Catharina Riotte; Heinrich Riotte; Johannes Riotte; Nikolaus Riotte; Peter Riotte; Regina Riotte; Gregorius Samary; Elisabeth Schaadt; Johann Peter Schaadt; Margarethe Schaadt; Jakob Schach; Marpinger Schafterben; Peter Scheid; Caspar Schindler; Johann Schmidt; Wendel Schmidt; Wendel Schmitt; Bernard Schneider; Jakob Schubmehl; Josef Schubmehl; Nikolaus Schubmehl; Wendel Schubmehl; Franz Schwan; Maria Schwan; Franz Städtler; Nikolaus Steininger; Jakob Steinmetz; Johann Stillemunkes; Nikolaus Thome; Elisabeth Wagner; Johannes Wassenich; Peter Wittling; Peter Zawar; Peter Zell; Anna Maria Zeyer; Catharina Zeyer; Elisabeth Zeyer; Elisabeth Zeyer; Heinrich Zeyer; Helene Zeyer; Josef Zeyer; Margaretha Zeyer; Michel Zeyer; Peter Zeyer; Wendel Zeyer



And those are the towns they came from: Allerburg; Alsfassen; Baltersweiler; Bleischbachermühle; Bliesen; Bornerhof; Breiten; Dörrwiesmühle; Eisweiler; Elzenbach; Engscheiderhof; Felsenmühle; Frankreich; Furschweiler; Koblenz; Krebsbach; Mainzweiler; Marpingen; Neunkirchen; Oberkirchen; Oberlinxweiler; Ober-Marne-Departement; Ottweiler; St. Wendel.


My job:

I can send summaries, get xeroxes (sometimes digitals) of the originals, transcribe and translate the documents for you. That?s time-consuming but it may be worth every penny.


The years range from 1798 until 1940 ? I?ve worked them through until 1924 at present.

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