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Dear Roland,


I have no memory of St. Wendel. After reviewing your questionaire, I was unable to answer any pertinent questions. I will forward your information to our pilot, Harold Both. He was sent to Stalag Luft I in Barth and may have some answer.


From Leonard Rose's list of St. Wendel P.O.W.'s sent to Stalag Luft IV, I know only Karl Haeuser and Cecil O. Glover (We were at Stalag Luft IV, in the same room and barracks).


Our plane was shot down on August 4, 1944, after a raid on Kiel, and our plane went down at Leck (approximately 90 kilometers northeast of Kiel, or 180 km north-northeast of Hamburg, and due east of Flensburg). We were a long way from St. Wendel. It would not be impossible but very unlikely that we would have been sent there.


I wish you luck in gathering additional information, and I am sorry I could not be of help.

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