my questionnaire


Please, give your name, rank, bomb group and squadron, your position in the plane, maybe name of the pilot and nickname of the plane or the tailnumber


1.  Where did they shot your plane down: date and place

2.  Where did they take you after capture

3.  How did you get to St. Wendel - by train, truck, per pedes

4.  How did you get to the camp after reaching the town, how far away was it from the town, could you see the town itself?

5.  Note: St. Wendel has a big church right in the middle which is very characteristic for the town. Outside the town there is a big monastry on top of a hill overlooking the countryside (Missionshaus). During the war it was occupied by SS-troops for training. The town had two hospitals: one in the outskirts (civilian), the other one in the St. Wendel barrack at the road to Tholey. Can you remember something of this?

6.  How long had you been in the camp?

7.  How many POWs were there

8.  Only US or other nationalities

9.  What kind of buildings were you in and how building were  there; how was the camp itself secured

10.  Where did you go after leaving St. Wendel, how did you leave

11.  Do you remember something special during your stay or incidents in or outside the camp

12.  Have you ever been in St. Wendel after the war and when

13.  Are there any documents you have about your stay in St. Wendel, maybe scetches, drawings or photos you could sent me a copy of (maybe only a xerox copy)


Thank you very much for your help.

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