Krieg in der Luft -> 1943 Jim Pestridge's Near Evasion

9 / 10 August 1943


Halifax II

# JD408 DY-R

102 Sq


target:           Mannheim




S/L             L J                  Pestridge                             POW

P/O            J                     Burdon                                 WIA died of wounds

P/O            A R                 Hunter DFC RCAF             POW

F/O             L                     Bays                                      KIA

F/S             K P                 Walker                                  POW

Sgt             L G                 Dunn                                     POW

S/S             F A                 Sherrington                         KIA




T/o 2250 Pocklington

Shot down by nightfighter and abandoned West of Mannheim. F/O Bays was found with fatal injuries and is believed to have struck the propeller as he made his exit.


Along with F/S Sherrington he is buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery.



We found out that Burdon was found a day later fatally injured not far away from the plane wreck. He died of his wounds on August 10, 1943.


The plane crashed at Vollmersbach, today suburb of Idar-Oberstein, Germany.


Research was done by Klaus Zimmer and Roland Geiger. Unfortunately Jim Pestridge, the pilot, was the only crew member we could locate and get in contact to.


This is his story.



(Note: town's names in brackets were filled in by Roland Geiger)

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