Otha B. Huckaby


home: Austin, TX


Master Sergeant

322 BG 450 BS

Radio Operator + Gunner

B-26 medium Bomber

July 7, 1944

mission to Abbeville, France


plane hit with flack and fighters - blew up. 3 got out alive, rest went down with plane, plane shot down over Amiens, France

1.  took to hospital in Paris, then to St. Wendel, from there to Luft #4 in Poland

2.  by train box car

3.  I was in a body-cast and don't remember how I got to camp. I could see the town from camp.

4.  I had two teeth drilled on in the hospital barracks on the road to Tholey.

5.  3 weeks about

6.  150 to 185 only US; 5 or 6 guards; dont know rangs, no civilians, no doctor

7.  looked like a truck garage (wood building), tweo buildings secured by barb wire fence. Left only once to have teeth fixed.

8.  nothing to do, sit in the sun, trying to keep warm, very little food

9.  rode a train for about a week or two to Poland Luft 4

10.  hungry all the time, long roll call in the snow 4 or 5 hrs; 10 thousand American, English, Russian + Poles; all POW at Luft 4

11.  no

12.  none

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