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Are you interested in Genealogy?
And your ancestors came from Germany?

You have the name of the village or town or county they may have come from?
Maybe it was St. Wendel or Urexweiler or Remmesweiler or Linxweiler or another town which name is so hard to read in the papers?


Or maybe you know for sure that your great-great-grandfather Nikolaus Lauterborn, resident of Dansville, NY, deceased there on Feb 13, 1859, came from "Alsfas" somewhere near "Treer" (this is what the records of St. Mary's, a catholic parish in Dansville, NY, state ? meaning "Alsfassen" in the "diocese of Trier")?


Well, in that case I may be able to help you.

Help you in finding more about him - well, like above mentioned Nikolaus Lauterborn who was born April 4, 1789, at Alsfassen, a suburb of St. Wendel, in the Diocese of Trier in recent Germany.

Or about your particular ancestor who came from the far side of the world to find a new chance and a new life over there in America.


Doesn't matter whether he settled in Rochester, Wayland or Dansville in Upstate New York or near Fostoria, Ohio, or in Dodge County, Wisconsin.


I have full access to the files of ancestry-dot-com as well as other on- and offline sources here in Germany.

Like the notary files of St. Wendel County from 19th Century which provide a great source for data concerning emigration.

Or the stocks of various archives in our local region and upstate.

Or our historical survey records from the 1840, produced by the Prussians and still available, showing shape, size and location of your ancestors' homes here in Germany before they left for America.


I cannot promise that I will find him or her or them - but at least there is a chance to find out.

My rates are quite fair - ask you me about it.



Roland Geiger, St. Wendel, Germany

Email me through rolgeiger(at)



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