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Department of State

Washington, February 10, 1867



Charles N. Riotte, Esquire

San José, Costa Rica



Your successor having officially announced his reception to Minister Resident of the United States to Costa Rica, I take pleasure in signifying to you the Presidenté high sense of the industry, officieney and success with which you discharged the duties of that office. Though the records and files of the Department bear amfile testemony to these qualities on your hart, this formal acknowledgment of them is due to you and is cheerfully bestowed

I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obedient servant


William H. Seward


Rec.d. 15 March 1867

Copy. Original returned to Mr. Riotte in letter dated 17 June 1872.


NARA, RG 59, Grant Administration, Nr. 69-77

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