Carl Nikolaus Riotte -> Carl Nikolaus Riotte in Costa Rica -> 25.07.1866 BG Conner to President Johnson against Riotte

San Jose. Costa Rica 25th July 1866


President Andrew Johnson



         My only excuse for writing to one of your position and importance is love of my country and its wellfare.

         We have here as Embassador to represent Americans - Mr. C N Riotte, a German but naturalised American. We could not feel proud of Mr Riotte if he had talent and ability, as it would be claimed as German and his associations are nearly all German.

         There are only twenty or thirty Americans in this Republic, and the natives are very

kind towards us so that we do not feel the necessity for an Embassador. The European

powers have only one Embassador for all the Central American States.

         Mr. Riotte is in the business of mining, which, on the part of a foreigner in this countray requires many concessions. If we are to have an Embassador may it not be an American who has served his country. Our commerce with his country has fallen off.

         I am Sir, Your obidient Servant

         BG Conner, MD.


NARA, M650 Lincoln Administration

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