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Andrew Johnson

President of the United States of America


We the undersigned representing the majority of American citizens resident in Costa Rica, having been informed that a movement is on foot for the purpose of effecting a change in the representative of our Government in the Republic, we wish to present a Petition against such a change, since we believe that at present it would not be advantageous. Having, during our long residence in this country been acquainted with several who have held the Office now occupied by our present Minister, we are in a position to assert that none of his predecessors have, during their Ministry, so perfectly gained the respect and confidence of, not only the American part of the community, but also of the Nature population, as Mr. C. N. Riotte. When we consider the difficulties with which he has had to content on account of the disrespect which attached to the American name; rising to the mismanagement and unworthy conduct of his immediate predecessor we cannot forbear to express our admiration of the successful and dignified manner in which he has won the confidence and respect of both Government and People.

         Should so unfortunate an event as his removal take place, we feel confident that it would afford the highest qualification to a portion of the American and Texan Residents herewho threnghtend the protraited struggle for our National existence have exhibited an excessive spirit of en__ity and hatred against the United States Government - so much so, indeed, as to find in the assassination of our late beloved President an occasion for rejoicing. we sincereley hope that such men may not be gratified.

         Bearing in mind the praise worthy manner in which Mr. Riotte has ever performed the duties of his Offices as far as our knowledge extends, we do not fect diffident in expressing, & hope that his our petition that he may be retained at his Post may meet with your favourable consideration.

San José Costa Rica

May 24th, 1865


E Brodway

John _ Smith

Marcus Marion

Henry Hammiller

Ina Thorp

David Black

Lill Meher

Henry Crawford

Loren Chase

David Forger

Edward J. Hoep

William J. Hood


NARA, M650 Lincoln Administration


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