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San José Costa Rica

May 24th 1865


Honourable Charles Sumner


Dear Sir

Being a citizen of Massachusetts & the _onty _ne residing in this Republic I take the liberty frequesting you to use your interest for the purpose of securing the presenta= tion of the enclosed Petition. The object of the Petition is to precint if possible The removal from Office of a most worthy and deserving man - one whose merits indeed obtained for him his present position as minister here - a just reward for the persecution he had undergone, and the loss he has sustained in Texas for advocating in dangerous times the same great Principles of Human rights whcih our own Native State has ever uphold.


_armently hoping therefore that you will accord to the Petitioners yous sympathy, and render them in assistance you can in obtaining for their Petition a favourable ____.

Your Obedt Servant

Henry Hamiller


NARA, M650 Lincoln Administration

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