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Published: February 7, 1864

    In Costa Rica the people were gathering in the coffee. The first would be shipped from Punta Arenas about the 3d of February. The crop will be 100,000 quintals. A survey of the Serapiqui River shows that it is navigable for small steamers for about 50 miles, and from its head a good wagon road is to be made to San Jose, the Capital. The Serapiqui, however, has no harbor at its outlet, and has a bad coral bar at its mouth, on which there is only seven or eight feet of water, while the San Juan, by which it is intersected, has scarcely enough water to float a Panama hat, and its bar guarantees to drown anybody who is hardy enough to essay to pass it in a rowboat.

    On New-Year's Day, the President gave a grand ball in honor of Mr. MATTHEW, Minister Plenipotentiary of Great Britain for Central America; and Mr. RIOTTE, United States Minister Resident in Costa Rica.


source: New York Times


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