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„It took some time to unearth resources related to the 1863 Riotte expedition, sifting through microfilm of 19th century copybooks, much of which is tedious to decipher. Fortunately, there is a wealth of correspondence between Riotte and Joseph Henry, Secretary of the Smithsonian, 1846-1878, as well as between Riotte and Spencer Baird, Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian, 1850-1878, Secretary of the Smithsonian, 1878-1887.


In brief, Riotte, along German naturalists Alexander von Frantzius and Julian Carmiol, collected natural history specimens in Costa Rica, mostly birds, many of which remain in the Smithsonian’s collection at the National Museum of Natural History.


The dates of this correspondence covers the period 1863-1878. Furthermore, C.N. Riotte made three donations of specimens to the Smithsonian; one in 1863, one in 1866, and one in 1867.


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