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Published: October 5, 1861

From Our Own Correspondent.


PANAMA, Thursday, Sept. 26, 1861.

    This community has been somewhat agitated for the past fortnight, in relation to the late Convention made at Aspinwall, between Senor MURILLO, agent of Gen. MOSQUERA, Provisional President of New-Granada, on the one side, and the Governor of Panama on the other, wherein the latter convened to acknowledge the new Government at Bogota. The matter was referred to a Committee of the State Assembly, with instructions to report to that body, but they have not as yet done so. The opponents of Gen. MOSQUERA's Government have, in the meantime, been very busy in endeavoring to thwart the objects of the Convention; and some of the more knowing of these have even intimated threats against the Governor and the Committee if they proceed further in the matter. They hope that something may yet turn up to defeat MOSQUERA, and to restore the "legitimate Government." It is thus quite probable that action will be delayed until the 4th of October, when the Cartagena steamer will arrive, bringing further intelligence from Bogota of MOSQUERA's prospects.

    Judge A.A. BURTON, of Kentucky, our new Minister Resident at Bogota, and wife, left Aspinwall for the Capital of the Confederation on Sunday, the 21st, via Cartagena. ALEX. R. MCKEE, Esq., U.S. Consul to Panama, reached here on the 20th. He takes charge of the Consulate on the 1st of October. Mr. COLVILLE, United States Consul to Honolulu, went to San Francisco on the 20th, on his way to his station. Mr. CHURCHMAN, United States Consul to Valparaiso, left Panama for that port on the 24th. Dr. HINE, for many years United States Consul at San Jose, Costa Rica, with his wife, go to New-York, to-day, on the Northern Light.

    Mr. RIOTTE, late of Texas, United States Minister Resident to Costa Rica, has taken charge of the mission, and is represented to be very popular with the Government and people.


source: New York Times


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