Carl Nikolaus Riotte -> Carl Nikolaus Riotte in Costa Rica -> 23.05.1861 Citizen of New York City to Mr. Lincoln


To his Excellency Abraham Lincoln

President of the United States



The undersigned, residents of the City of New York would most respectfully recommend C.N. Riotte Esq late of San Antonio, Texas, for an honorable appointment at your hands.

         Mr. Riotte is a native of Prussia, where he held the offices of Judge of a District Court and of President of one of the leading Railroad Companies. He left Germany in consequence of the revolution of 1848, and has, since 1849 been a resident of San Antonio, Texas, where he embraced the profession of a lawyer. He has, for the last six years, been a citizen of the United States and was the most prominent leader of the Free State movement of the German settlers in Western Texas, at the risk of his fortune and life. In March last he was compelled to fly at a very short notice, leaving behind him, his family consisting of his wife and eight children, who have since joined him. Also, all his property. He is now here and although the late Prussian amnesty has removed all political obstacles to his return to Germany, he would prefer to serve the Government.

         He has suffered much for his adopted county and nobody appears to be more intitled to the protection and care of the Government. His case is certainly as strong as any presented to your Excellency.

         The undersigned may assert that Mr. Riotte’s services would be very valualbe to the Government in many departments and that, wherever he should be placed, he will perform his duty conscientiously and thoroughly. He is a scholar and a gentleman. He is familiar with the English, French, German and Spanish language. Having lived for some time in Mexico, he is particularly conversant with the history, manners and political constitutions of the Spanish races.

         He knows the American, German and French law. His character is excellent and even the government of his native State would cheerfully certify to his ineproachable conduct as an officer and a gentlemen. He is known by the Minister Plenipotentiary of Prussia, Baron Gerolt, All who know him would cheerfully applaud his appointment as an act of justice and wisdom.

         Most of the undersigned never sustam any applicant for office. They are no politicians and would not encroach upon the arduous duties of your Excellency by urging an appointment, if they did not feel bound to support the claims of a gentleman who has deserved well of and suffered much for his county.


They remain with the greatest respect

Neu York, May 23rd, 1861


NARA, M650 Lincoln Administration


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