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Central America Mission

Riotti of Texas

I call attention to this letter from Mr. Olmstedt most earnest ab___ting the claims of this Riotti ____ a consul for a mission in Central America

Hon. Charls Sumner


Williams Hotel

Washington, April 5th


Dear Sir,

I am glad to learn that you have given some concideration to the application of Riotte of Texas. You have been a man of mine with signed _____ + will me today a ____ to ____ ____elty + __ralily ab_______. __ In __es to ___dness upon you ths impressing of a man of this right ___ ___ encl____ ___ee as that to which he aspires, have the products to consider that at present he carries with him the effect of ten years of land fighting with continual defeat, dissapointment and increasing _ore_l__ and that he has for good a temper to have been made s___ or savage by it. No man comes out of much a battle without some evidence of it in his _____ + manner. I believe him To be a man of grand prouds, education + he_ding and in the vain, hopeless and inglorious struggle in which he has been engaged with Slavery on the South-Western Frontier, he has acted with qu_el discretion bravely and nobly. Few men cccan need your assistance as much as he does, who are so worthy of it.


With cordial respect

dear Sir

Your obedient

Hon. Charls Sumner


NARA, M650 Lincoln Administration

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