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San Antonio, Texas, November 19th 1860

To the President elect of the United States

The Honorable Abraham Lincoln,

Springfield Ill.



    The undersigned respectfully begs leave to lay before you this petition for an appointment in the diplomatic branch as Minister near one of the Republics of Central- or South America, or as Consul, in one of the ports of southern France, of Spain, Portugal or Italy, being conversant with the languages of those countries, except that of Portugal. I should prefer the situation as Minister at San Jose, Costa Rica. The precarious health of my wife obliges me to avoid a northern climate.

    Respecting my person it may be sufficient to state, that I am a native of Germany, 46 years of age, - that the revolution of 48 found me judge of one of the superior courts of Prussia, that I sided with the liberal party and succumbed with it in the spring of 1849, - in the fall of which year I landed with my family in Texas, that since that period, living in this city and its neighborhood, I have never been able to join a political party because neither the Whigs in their wellmerited decomposition, nor the Know-Nothings, in their high handed proscriptiveness, nor the Democrats, - lucus a non lucendo – came up to the standard of my republican convictions. The inevitable consequence was my being proscribed and persecuted by each party. Among the highminded of each of them, howeber, I always had and still have many warm friends, who are able to appreciate and willing to testify to the sincerity of my convictions, and to the fact, that I, - as Humbold said of himself, - „always was in favor of freedom and never for slavery!“

    I am very respectfully your           C.N. Riotte



NARA, M650 Lincoln Administration


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