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To the Editor of the San Antonio Herald:

Dear Sir: In your number of January 9th, I notice an article under the heading of „Scaring them off.“ which I cannot let pass without some remarks, which I beg you to publish:

1. the only speaker at that meeting was me.

2. I did not warn Polish or other immigrants from settling in this country.

3. I did not intimate, even to a visionary, that Know-Nothings were liars and thieves and they they would take from foreignes every thing they had.

4. I did not advise any body to go to Mexico.

5. I did not say, that arrangements had been made for the purchase of large tracts of land for the settlement of European immigrants.

         You will perceive from this, that your informant is, to say the least, very noreliable. What I did say, you can see from the San Antonio Zeitung. You are of course at perfect liability to speak of model reformers, wild theorists, etc, etc. and it may pay to do it; but I will say so mch, that among my wild theories are two, which I would recommend to your kind consideration:

1. Never to give a public opion on the intentions of any man without having heard them uttered by himself; and

2. Never to „intimate“ any thing without good information.


C.N. Riotte


         In justice to Mr. Riotte we give the above. And assure him, that in announcing, last week, that a meeting of Germans and others had been held at Vaux Hall Garden, we did not know that he was the individual alluded to, as the speaker on the occasion. Had we known this, we should not have made the statement upon street rumor. But even had Mr. Riotte made use of the language attributed to him, it would not have lowered him any in the estimation of the Americans; for it would have lookep upon as an effort in behalf of the American cause. We should not have know that such a meeting had been held, had it not been proposed that the American party be called together to vote the speaker on that occasion a medal, as an evidence of our appreciation of his efforts in behalf the American cause.

         Without his advice, Mr. Riotte will find that we never make statements in regard to matters of serious import, without reliable data.


San Antonio Herald. (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 39, Ed. 1 Wednesday, January 16, 1856. San Antonio, Texas. The Portal to Texas History.

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