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THERESE STROSSER wurde geboren am 23.10.1798 in Hirtzfelden, Ensisheim, Haut-Rhin, Frankreich, und verstarb am 16.11.1873 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas. Sie heiratete JOHANN MICHAEL BIEHL am 11.03.1818 in Hirtzfelden. Er wurde geboren am 1798.


    Therese and three daughters obtained a passport to travel from Hirtzfelden, Haut-Rhin, France to San Antonio, Texas at Colmar, Haut-Rhin, France, on 6 February 1850. to join husband and father, Michael Bihl, and sister, Marie Anne Bihl..3

She immigrated on 15 April 1850 to New Orleans, New Orleans Parish, Louisiana (Ancestry database online, New Orleans 1820-1850, Passenger and Immigration Lists, Ship Jessey, arriving 15 April 1850 from La Havre, family number 308703, National Archives' Series Number: M259-32). Therese Strosser, Christian Eichmann and Maria Theresa Bihl was listed as a household member living with Jean Michael Bihl on the 1850 Census at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. Michael and his family including his new son-in-law, Christian Eichmann, are enumerated next door to George Studer and his family, who traveled with them from Haut-Rhin on the ship "Schanunga". (1850, U. S. Census, Population Schedule, Frame 234, Dwelling 357, Family 357). Land Certificate of Henry Castro's Colony No. 9 was issued to the heirs of Michael Biehl on 29 January 1855. The land certificate for 640 acres to the heirs of Michael Biehl, in this case Therese Strosser, his wife. It was issued two years after his death (abt. 1855)by Charles N. Riotte, Land Commissioner. Riotte was the last land commissioner for the colony. The land for the certificate was surveyed in Atascosa County and recorded in San Antonio on 11 April 1857.     It was Survey No. 1503 in Section No. 6 situated in the County of Atascosa on the head waters of the Atascosa River about 34 miles S20W from San Antonio. (Heirs of Michael Bihl by State of Texas, Castro's Colony Certificate No. 9)

Therese died on 16 November 1873 at, at age 75.

Her body was interred on 16 November 1878 at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, at St. Joseph's Cemetery.


Auswanderung: 15.04.1850, Nach New Orleans, LA



    i.    JEAN PAUL BIEHL, geb. 30.06.1818.

    ii.   JEAN MICHAEL BIEHL, geb. 04.05.1820; gest. 18.08.1852.

    iii.  MARIA THERESA BIHL, geb. 16.04.1826; gest. 04.10.1888.

    iv.  JOSEPHINE BIEHL, geb. 04.07.1832; gest. 09.07.1913.

    v.   LAURENT BIEHL, geb. 21.09.1834; gest. 30.09.1834.

    vi.  CAROLINE JOHANNA BIHL, geb. 16.10.1838; gest. 14.04.1908.

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