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I’ve read the article „Sankt Antonius: Germans in the Alamo City in the 1850’s“ by Kent Keeth, published in „The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 76, July 1972 - April, 1973“. On page 199 he produces an image of the „Minutes of the German Singing Society for October 26, 1853“. As source he mentions „Collection of the Grand Lodge of Hermann Sons“. Is that source still available?

    Actually I’m researching the life and times of Charles N. Riotte, one of the founders of that society and that image produced in the article refers to something Riotte said. It goes „

    „In derselben Sitzung beantragte Herr Riotte die Gründung eines texanischen Sängerbundes, zur Berichterstattung über diesen Gegenstand wurde ein Comité erstellt, bestehend aus Herr Riotte, H. Schleicher und H. Dona_“



During that particular meeting Mr. Riotte requested the founding of a Texan Singer Society. To report about this subject a committee was created consisting of Mr. Riotte, Mr. Schleicher and Mr. Dona__


This is of great interest for me thus I really would like to know where I may find this collection of the „Grand Lodge of Hermann Sons“.

    Thanks a lot in advance. Mit freundlichen Gruessen       Roland Geiger


No answer yet.

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 76, July 1972 - April, 1973


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