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The Annual Election for the Board of Directors, for the San Antonio and Mexican Gulf Railroad Company, will be held on the first Monday in October next, in the city of San Antonio, at the office of the Company.

To entitle a stockholder to vote, it is required that all instalments due upon his stock-subscription shall be paid up, and at least five per cent, upon all stock-subscriptions, on which no instalments have been called.

An authority or power in writing, will entitle the proxy to cast the vote for his principal.

15-4t C. Riotte, Sec’y pro tem.

The San Antonio Ledger. (San Antonio, Tex.), Vol. 3, No. 15, Ed. 1 Thursday, September 2, 1852


The Raid Road

„Now, by Saint Paul, the work goes bravely on.“

Enoch Jones is elected President, Mr. Maverick Treasurer, and Mr. Riotte Secretary, all good men and true. The route, so we understand, has been generaly determined upon, but not the terminus. As yet, there is some secresy, to prevent the operations of land-sharks. Jones is looked for at each stage arrival. There are rumors afloat that he has effected every necessary arrangement to carry our grand Rail Road scheme to a glorious consummation. Ye Terminus men, now is the time, with proper credentials and proofs, to make your bids. There is no stay from this time forth. Jupiter himself cannot arrest the prograess of the San Antonio and Gulf Raid Road.

The San Antonio Ledger, Vol. 3, No 24, Ed. 1 (Thursday, Nov 4, 1852)


San Antonio and Mexican Gulf Railroad

    The San Antonio and Mexican Gulf Railroad (SA&MG) was a railroad set up in 1850 to connect the city of San Antonio to the Gulf of Mexico. It was chartered on September 5, 1850, with plans to connect Port Lavaca, Texas to San Antonio. Trackwork began in 1856, and a line was completed to Victoria, Texas in April, 1861, when the Civil War broke out. Among the founders of the railroad were German-born railroad engineer Gustav Schleicher and Joseph E. Johnston who was an army officer stationed in San Antonio, who would later be a General in the Confederate army. To facilitate the construction of a railroad from the Gulf to San Antonio, the SA&MG received 735,938 acres (2,978.24 km2) of land from the State.

    Confederate General John B. Magruder ordered the destruction of the San Antonio and Mexican Gulf to prevent its falling into the hands of enemy forces. The railroad was rebuilt by the United States government in 1865-66. The San Antonio and Mexican Gulf never did connect to the Gulf coast, stopping short in Victoria. On August 4, 1870, the Texas legislature authorized the consolidation of two rail lines, the Indianola Railroad Company and the San Antonio and Mexican Gulf Railroad Company, into a new corporation to be called the Gulf, Western Texas and Pacific Railway.

source: Wikipedia


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