Carl Nikolaus Riotte -> Carl Nikolaus Riotte in Texas -> 25.10.1851 2nd tenor of San Antonio Mannergesang-Verein


The maintenance of the songbooks of the San Antonio Mannergesang-Verein seems to have been a divided responsibility, for, in noting the preparations for an October 25, 1851 concert, the secretary remarked that the following men had readied the books: Albert Moye and Christian Schleyer, the first tenors; C. N. Riotte, the second tenors; J. T. W. Simeon, the first basses; and Herman Wille, the second basses.


Source: „The Music Libraries of the German Singing Societies in Texas, 1850-1855“, Author: Theodore Albrecht; Source: Notes, Second Series, Vol. 31, No. 3 (Mar., 1975), pp. 517-529 (found at, p. 522-523


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