Carl Nikolaus Riotte -> Carl Nikolaus Riotte in Texas -> 12.09.1860 Deed to George T. Howard

C.N. Riotte verkauft an George T. Howard ein Grundstück gen. „fellons“ in San Antonio, Bexar, östlich der Alamo Street zwischen dieser Straße und der Alamo-Ruine

Preis 6500 Dollar



The State of Texas. Know all men by these presents __ _ County of Bexar. C.N. Riotte of the County of Bexar and State of Texas for and in Consideration of the sum of six Thousand and five hundred dollars to me paid the receipt Whereof is hereby acknowledged. have granted bargained sold and Conveyed and by This presents do grant bargain seel anc Convey to George T. Howard of said County and State


all that certain parcel or lot of land situated and ___ in the City of San Antonio and Said County and State of resaid and described as fellons, on the East Side of Alamo Street between said street and the Alamo Delict about one hundred and fifteen yards below the Alameda bounded in the north by property of A. Superville in the south by property of F.K. Poloshius_ on the North by Alameda Street and in the East by Alamo Delict Having a fence (?) of 83 1/3 yards on Said Alamo Steet and a defret of about one hundred and forty yards. Tohave and tohold all and singular the above described premises. Together with the __ches and  appurtenances thereunto. belonging or in any ___ appertainances the Said George T. Howard and his heirs for ever a_ I do hereby bind myself heirs, Executors and Administration to Warrant and forever defend all and Singular the said premises unto the said Georg T. Howard, his heirs and __ and assign_ against every person whomsoever carefully deming or to claim the same or any part thereof. In Testim__

Whereif I have herinto Subscribed my name this Die 12th

day of September AD 1860 C.N. Riotte



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