Carl Nikolaus Riotte -> Carl Nikolaus Riotte in Texas -> 04.08.1857 Darlehen an Ladislaus Ujhazi


Ladislaus Ujhazi hat bei C.N. und Anna Riotte ein Darlehen von 1800 Dollar aufgenommen und gibt als Sicherheit ein Wohnhaus in San Antonio.


507. The State of Texas. Know all Men by these presents: That J.J. Ulrich.

Bexar County of Bexar County, as Trustee of Ladislaus Ujhazi. The Beneficiary constituted by a Deed of Trust. _ indent_ere oriented on the fourth day of august A.D. 1857 by C.N. Riotte, A. Riotte. Ladislaus Ujhazi. And. Ulrich and witnessed by C.B. Jefferson and Julius Staf______ in consideration of the Sum of Eighteen hundred Dollars and the interest __ theron. according to the Terms of the aformentioned instrument. To Me in hand paid by Said C.N. Riotte and A. Riotte, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and of the consent of the Said beneficiary Ladislaus Ujhazi have bargained and Sold and by the presents, do bargain Sell and convey ___ Said C.N. Riotte and A. Riotte and their heirs and assigns forever All and Singular. that tract of parcel of Land lying and being Situate in the County of Bexar Known as a house and Lot Situate in the City of San antonio on the East side of the San Antonio River, East (?) and South east of the Alamo Situated on the west Side of Bonham Strat on which the Lot has a front of 18 Varas More or less and bounding in the North by Lot NO 64 property of Kemp (?) w. On South by Lots No 64 and 65 property of Robert Adams. On the west Lot No 61 property of Husdon Oswald. Said Lot bearing No 63. Together with all and and Singular the rights Members Pats hereditaments and appurtenances to the Same belonging inadent or appertaining. To have and to Hold all ___ Singular the aformentioned promises free and discharged from any lieu, charge or ineumbrance. by reason of the aformentioned died of Rusch or indenture is Jn Testimony whereof _ as trustee and Said Ladislaus Ujhazi as beneficiary have hereto Set our hand in the Thirty first day of October. A.D. 1859

Witnesses present: Gustav Thiesen, C. Clemdorf Ladislaus Ujhazi


further see THE HUNGARIAN TEXANS, James Patrick McGuire, The University of Texas, Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio, 1993

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