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Chapter 8: The Vanderstratten Site

Site Identification: The Vanderstratten Home, NCB 166, Lot 3

Address: 212-214 Bonham Street

Trinomial: 41 BX634

    Historical Background

At the corner of Crockett and Bonham streets stood one of the earliest homes constructed within the study area (Figure 8-1). It was built of soft caliche block in 1850 and occupied the site for 75 years. It in many ways it typifies the development, evolution, and degeneration of the area over its lifetime. It remained in the hands of the family for three generations. The property was purchased from Charles Riotte by Joseph Vanderstratten on November 29, 1850, with money provided by his son, Theodore. Since the son was a stonemason by trade, he probably constructed the home shortly thereafter. The lot, then referred to as Lot No.3, ran from the south side of Crockett Street with a frontage of 60 varas (166.6 ft) along the eastern line of Bonham Street, to "an irrigation ditch" for the southern boundary.

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